About Us

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PACE (Penticton Area Cooperative Enterprises) is a worker’s cooperative; a self-funded, for-profit, social enterprise.

We’ve been operating for over 20 years and have evolved to be the “go-to” resource for recycling in the Penticton area. And we can’t do it without our valued employees who bravely live with and work through barriers, and who come to PACE for employment that is supportive and inclusive.

Our Mission

PACE is dedicated to creating meaningful employment opportunities for people living with barriers, through recycling programs. By meeting people where they are at, and providing a work environment that is inclusive, flexible and understanding, we remove many of the barriers experienced by the population we serve, to finding and maintaining employment.

Our Vision

To create a collective of social organisations, social enterprises/entrepreneurs and community resources that work together to help marginalised populations achieve better health and wellness, integration back into the workplace, financial stability, and to find their purpose.


Equity — we recognize every person has their own individual needs, and we try to remove as many obstacles as possible to their finding and maintaining meaningful employment.

Sustainability — we are guided by the 4 Pillars of Sustainability: human, social, environmental and economic. We are committed to helping create a sustainable future for our workers, our community and the land we live, work and play on.

Collaboration — we ensure everyone at PACE has a voice at the table and is encouraged to share ideas and provide feedback. The growth and direction of PACE is guided by the members and their lived experiences and all can take great pride in what they’ve helped create. “Nothing about us, without us.”

Compassion — we suspend judgement and preconceived biases, and treat people with respect, kindness and understanding.

We make a meaningful difference:

Our Supporters

Thank you to our supporters, who help create positive social and environmental change! You are a big part of our village!




Please note, that our hours are subject to change! Check our Social Media Pages, Website Main Page or Call Us for the latest hours!


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