Become a Board Member

The PACE Board of Directors is currently open to receiving applications to join our Board and membership. Please complete the brief application form below letting us know about your skills and interest and a Director will follow up with you. The Board may also nominate and accept a Director between Annual General Meetings so you can apply at any time.

The PACE Board is looking for Directors who have skills and experience in:

  • Accounting & Finances
  • Computer Technology
  • Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise and/or Cooperatives
  • Human Resources
  • Law & Legal Policies
  • Mental Healthcare
  • Small Business Development
  • Social Work
  • Waste Management

and have an interest in:

  • Recycling/Upcycling
  • Community Engagement

PACE Directors are committed to:

  • Supporting the mission to keep recyclable materials out of the landfill​
  • Supporting the mission of providing innovative opportunities for people with barriers
  • Actively promoting PACE in the community
  • Providing governance to the organization and guidance to the leadership team of PACE
  • Supporting partnerships with other like-minded organizations in collaborative initiatives
  • Developing your awareness about community members who have lived-experience with barriers leading to a risk of poverty

Board Directors Responsibilities

  • Attends regular Board meeting and Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Reviews monthly financial statements
  • Participates in Strategic Planning
  •  Participates in Board recruitment
  • Sets board policies
  • Serve on at least one committee
  • Promotes PACE! Its mission & its services! 
TERMS: Each term is TWO years, with a maximum of THREE concurrent terms being served.
TIME COMMITMENT: All board members should expect to put in an average of ONE hour per month. Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer should expect to put in an additional ONE hour per month.
MEETINGS: The Board meets a MINIMUM of once per quarter & attends the AGM with the entire membership. Additional meetings may be scheduled if there is an urgent matter that needs discussion, or if a motion needs to be voted on that cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting.
Other Key Skills/Expertise:
  • Excellent verbal & written communication
  • Values align with PACE’s
  • Great connections in the community
  • is a Team Player
  • has Problem solving & trouble-shooting skills
  • Passion for making social & environmental impacts
  • Innovative & Creative
  • An understanding of, OR willingness to learn, about people living with barriers

Application Process

  • Complete the website application form down below!
  • Have a follow-up conversation with PACE leadership team and take a tour of our headquarters!
  • If there is good match, PACE leadership team will make a recommendation to the BOD for a nomination at the next meeting!
  • PACE Directors serve a two year term that is ratified at the Annual General Meeting!

PACE Board of Directors Application

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