Drop off E-Waste for Recycling

Welcome to Penticton’s electronics recycling hub! Our E-Waste centre is home to PACE’s flagship electronics recycling program that started in the late 90’s.

Bring in Your Unwanted Electronics

We accept all types of electronics from toys and medical equipment to electronic music instruments and TVs. Click on this list to see what we will accept and not accept.

Wiping data off your old devices?

It’s important to protect and secure your data. Before dropping off your old computer equipment PACE, here are some tips on how you can wipe your old devices.

Read tips on how to wipe your own device from the Electronic Products Recycling Association.

Can’t wipe your own device – not to worry – we can help!

We do our best to ensure the privacy of your data. Any data drive that comes into PACE will be erased by an industry standard wiping utility prior to reuse. Some situations require further precaution, whether it be for your peace of mind or highly sensitive data. In such cases the best course of action is to destroy the hard drive. Our techs are happy to answer your question regarding the security of your data.

What happens to my old electronics?

Electronics that cannot be refurbished, are sorted and transported to an end-of-life recycling facility. E-waste is manually sorted and some items like TVs are disassembled manually as well. Materials are shredded and mechanically sorted. Valuable materials such as precious metals are extracted, and materials are sent to various manufacturers for reuse.

Interested in learning more about the electronics recycling process? Check out this video from K&C Recycling, the end-of-life facility that receives our e-waste.

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